Savings from Making Dealers Bid

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For more than 25 years, Consumers’ Checkbook has advised consumers that the best way to get the lowest price on a new car is by making dealers bid competitively. We have published how-to guides to help consumers get bids on their own, and we have offered the CarBargains service that does the work for consumers to get the best possible price on a new car purchase, guaranteed. We want to show you how much money you’ll save with competitive bidding compared to TrueCar, so we created this blog to keep track of our findings.

Average savings for CarBargains customers compared to the TrueCar TruePrice* since April 20, 2018:


Total savings our CarBargains service produced compared to the TrueCar TruePrice* on a representative sample of cars since April 20, 2018:

$314,254 emojimoneyemojimoney

Number of times CarBargains found the lowest price available:

209  emojithumbup

Number of times TrueCar found the lowest price available:

     0 emoji thumb down    

See Examples of Representative Cars


Besides receiving the lowest price, guaranteed, CarBargains customers love the hassle-free car shopping experience. How much money and hassle can CarBargains save you on your next new car purchase? Get started today!


*To compare prices, we report the lowest TrueCar TruePrice offered by any dealer on near the same zip code, for the same vehicle, during the same time period. That lowest TrueCar TruePrice is then compared to the lowest CarBargains price to provide the CarBargains vs TrueCar comparison.